Be Smart About Training Your AI

No need to learn Tensorflow or Pytorch. Train your AI without writing a single line of code.

Train AI Model in Just 3 Steps

No need to have knowledge of Machine Learning platforms such as Tensorflow and Pytorch.

No need to write code to train AI models.

No need to write code to evaluate its performance. 


Why Choose Xailient?

Optimised for Edge Devices

No need to worry about pruning and model compression because Xailient’s proprietary tinyML solutions are optimised for tiny low-cost devices.

Runs on Battery Power

Now you can deploy your AI any anywhere because Xailient's AI models are so power efficient that they can run on a coin battery for up to 1 year.

No Internet Connection Required

Worried about deploying to a remote location with no internet connection? Xailient's AI models are optimised for the IoT edge devices. That means, processing of data on-device is now possible. 

10-100x Faster than State-Of-The-Art AI

Inspired by nature and years of research by Xailient’s founder, neuroscientist Dr. Shivanthan Yohanandan, our novel techniques in Computer Vision (CV) are 10 to 100x more efficient than the ‘state of the art’ today.

How others have benefitted from Xailient

Customer Case: Purple Hive

Saving bees with solar-powered IoT Computer Vision